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We’ll do PPC, UGC and leverage key influencers to get your ideal customers to buy your products
We’ll do PPC, UGC and leverage
key influencers to get your ideal
customers to buy your products
Our Clients
Our results speak for themselves
Here’s what we did for B&O
Today, after our collaboration, B&O has successfully ventured into online sales, expanding its market presence among the younger demographic while maintaining its reputation for quality. Our approach included influencer marketing, social media strategies, and PR campaigns, all integrated into a cohesive multichannel effort.
Before working with us, B&O, the Danish luxury audio brand, faced challenges in reaching a younger audience and relied solely on offline sales in specialized audio stores.
The results speak volumes: a remarkable five-fold increase in sales and an astonishing 1567% ROI, showcasing the effectiveness of our strategies in driving brand awareness and revenue growth.
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Step By Step
We start by figuring out your exact needs and create a tailor made solution to get you from where you are to where you want to be.
Where we start
We implement the strategy we set and get to work straight away, utilizing PPC, UGC and key influencers to increase your online sales.
How we do it
After a short amount of time you will start seeing the results of our work. We’ll have increased your overall sales growth significantly and delivered you a positive return on investment.
Where we end
UGC & Content Production
  • Best-conventing videos in the format of user-generated content
  • Viral content
  • Product & lifestyle photos
  • Banners & animatics production
  • Video production
  • Performance and awareness campaigns in any social media or programmatic platform
  • Multi-step funnels to drive sales
  • Targeting, retargeting & lookalike audiences for online conversions
  • Leveraging on PR and Influencer marketing campaigns with know-how retargeting
Social Media Management
  • Brand Strategy in Social Media
  • Content creation - engaging, driving your brand
  • Full management of social media accounts
  • Influence marketing campaigns
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